The heavy stationary strain measuring device is made up of solid steel tubes that slide into each other. The movement of these parts is recorded by displacement transducers and registered as an electrical signal.


All moving parts have O-ring seals to protect them against liquid penetration and a pressure-tight design if required. Either anchors grouted in rock or tie plates with anchor bolts are used for anchoring. Ball joints between the anchor and measuring device protect the device against distortion if the rock moves. The threaded bar on one side of the device enables the basic length and default setting of the displacement transducer to be adjusted when it is installed. The SSDE 60 is used to record movements or building cracks, expansion joints on bridge structures or shifts on structural segments over longer distances. The device is supplied with an integrated pressure-tight enclosure and in a prefabricated length. The mounting plates shown and the associated suspension can be adapted to the circumstances, for example as a heavy-duty anchor for rock.



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