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GLÖTZL promotes advances in civil engineering measurement. Our diverse expertise is the basis for this – while our will to move forward is what drives us. More than 80% of our investment in the future goes towards development. This has resulted in many patents.

Product development


Das Basisgebäude Inklinometer BGN dient zur hochgenauen Messung von Neigungsänderungen an einem Gebäude. Es besteht aus einer Basissonde mit entsprechend nach Kundenwunsch ausgeführte mechanisch steifen...[more]



The heavy stationary strain measuring device is made up of solid steel tubes that slide into each other. The movement of these parts is recorded by displacement transducers and registered as an electrical signal.[more]


GWM 30/250

This sensor uses the physical principle of magnetostriction with high-precision, reproducible contactless position measurement. The key component of the displacement transducer is the ferromagnetic measuring element – the...[more]


SSKE 40 heavy stationary convergence equipment

The heavy stationary convergence measuring equipment consists of solid steel tubes shiftable into each other. The movement of these parts is recorded by displacement transducers and registrated as electrical signal. All movable...[more]


DLB dual 5/6 Doppellogger

für den Einbau in Bohrlöchern mit Bluetooth -Kommunikationsmodul-. Der Doppellogger DLB dual 5/6 ist speziell für den Einsatz unter Tage, zur Erfassung von Bohrlochinstrumen- tierungen, in versenkter Bauweise entwickelt worden....[more]


Anchor load cell KN

The new dimesions of the anchor load cell are fitting to the most usual strand and rod anchor systems. The GLÖTZL anchor load cell with manometer display comprises a defined area sensor pad made up of two flexurally stiff discs...[more]


GHD 4 hydrostatic flexible tube water level

The GHD 4 hydrostatic flexible tube water level is pressurised through the gravitational load of a filling medium in a reference container and is connected via hoses to individual pressure sensors arranged in series. The...[more]


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