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For many years, GLÖTZL has been more than simply a production company for high-end measuring devices used in civil engineering. Rather, when you deal with us you will find a committed engineering and development team that will help your company develop individual solutions.  

Overview of our services

Supply Services

  • In-house development and production of measuring/recording instruments and software solutions
  • Instrument adaptation and needs-based development
  • Software development and evaluation systems
  • Hosting and leasing of evaluation software and database 
  • applications on the Internet 


Engineering Services

  • Planning/design work and preparation of quotations
  • Arrangement of construction services and drilling work in the field of geotechnical instrumentation Installation, instrumentation and commissioning
  • Construction monitoring and site management
  • Evaluations and measurement reports
  • Consulting and technical assistance
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Rehabilitation and integration of existing systems
  • Instruction and (user) training
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