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Mobile measurement systems

The mobile measuring devices from GLÖTZL are characterised by their robust designs and their high-calibre, functional simplicity. With minimum care and maintenance costs, you are guaranteed a correspondingly good and fully comprehensible result from your measurements. A team of experts and training measures will give you the expertise you need to work with our high-quality measuring instruments.


Line, Measurement and Storage Device NMA 9Inclinometer NMGH
Vertical Inclinometer NMGD
Zubehör Inklinometersonden NMGD, NMGH (Only german)
Magnetic Settlement Plumb MLCompass Probe

Dipmeter Standard WL

Dipmeter with temperature display WLT

GLM Mobile
Tablet with GLM Software




Cable Reel

Push equipment
Guide barMeasuring Tubes for
Borehole Length
Measuring Probe

Borehole Modular Probe BMS

Precursor probe BMS-V35/1





Borehole Modular Probe BMS

Borehole Modular Probe - Calibre ModulusBorehole Modular Probe - Lateral View Adapter
Borehole Modular Probe - Video ModuleHydrostatic Profile Gauge HPG

 Inclinometer Interface NDI

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