Das Basisgebäude Inklinometer BGN dient zur hochgenauen Messung von Neigungsänderungen an einem...



The heavy stationary strain measuring device is made up of solid steel tubes that slide into each...


GWM 30/250

This sensor uses the physical principle of magnetostriction with high-precision, reproducible...


A single source for  multiple benefits

GLÖTZL is a real production plant. One of the few companies in the industry that has its entire production facilities under one roof. 

All this results in benefits, huge benefits in fact. It allows us to accommodate your
development requirements to a large extent. We can even make modifications during production. Our customers appreciate this.


The measuring devices for monitoring ground and structures listed in this product catalogue come from a long series of developments, which, in turn, have resulted in many modifications and special solutions. The products shown here reflect only a part of our delivery capabilities; we can also offer you numerous variants that can be adapted precisely to your particular requirements. 


If you don't find what you are looking for in this catalogue, simply call us on

+49 721 5166-0. 



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