Handmessgerät für Schwingsaiten-Sensoren VWM01

Das Handmessgerät VWM 01 ist ein kompaktes und robustes Anzeigegerät zur Messung von Sensoren,...



Das Basisgebäude Inklinometer BGN dient zur hochgenauen Messung von Neigungsänderungen an einem...



The heavy stationary strain measuring device is made up of solid steel tubes that slide into each...


In touch with the earth

For more than 50 years we have been carrying on an intensive dialogue with everything that moves underground. Dams, tunnels, bridges, mines or foundations: Our geotechnical instrumentation is used to monitor structures. They increase safety and reduce costs. On all continents. We have been involved in measuring physical variables and static monitoring of structures since the very first days of civil engineering measurement.


The company offers an extensive range of high-quality measurement and recording systems for structural monitoring and geotechnical measurement tasks. You will find more than 250 different products in an enormous variety of systems. Most of these are described in leaflets, which you will find in product


Phone us to find out about our range of services or to discuss details. You will find the most important contacts in this site in management.





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